Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roof Repairs

A leaking roof will often present itself as a water spot on a ceiling or bubbling paint inside your home. If you see these signs, or suspect your roof might have a leak — even a small one — you need to have it repaired right away. A very small leak can cause major damage which can be costly, and even dangerous, if left untreated. Dry rot and mold growth are just some of the common problems associated with a leaking roof. At Jobin Roofing we understand the unexpected can happen and we are ready to meet any challenge your roof presents. Whether it’s a surprise leak or missing shingles, Jobin Roofing will be there to apply our technical know-how to prevent costly repairs down the line.


In the Pacific Northwest, moss growth is a common nuisance. Not only does it reduce the curb appeal of your home but it can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof. At Jobin Roofing we provide safe and effective moss removal and prevention. Some companies will offer a pressure treatment which can damage your shingles or even void the warranty. Not at Jobin Roofing. We only provide safe and effective moss treatment for your home.  

brick chimney repair

A chimney that does not have proper metal flashing can result in water leaking into the roof.

pipejack repair

The seal around this pipe jack is cracked and damaged allowing water to enter the roof.

box vent repair

Fasteners which are not properly sealed can allow water to enter the roof causing significant damage to your roof.

pipejack repair

Leaks commonly occur with improperly sealed pipe jacks.

wood chimney repair

Building a diverter for wider chimneys will reduce debris from causing leaks around a chimney and damaging siding.