Roof Overlays

Roof Overlay

When it comes to roof overlays, an honest and experienced contractor is a must.

Deciding on a Roof Overlay

Adding a second layer to your roof may seem like a cost effective option, but this is not always the case. 

Depending on a variety of factors, we occasionally recommend re-roofing over flat three-tab shingles. However, if you overlay a multi-dimensional architectural shingle over an older architectural shingle there will be bubbling and textural distortion from the previous roof telegraphing through.

Other considerations for a roof overlay include:

  • cleanup and removal of any moss
  • cutting back the rake and eave edges to a proper length to keep things looking smooth
  • the use of proper flashing and a starter shingle on the eaves and rakes

Any questions about whether a roof overlay is right for you? We’re happy to discuss these choices with you.

Typically an overlay is going to be a rare case scenario for most contractors. 

This option carries a 10-year workmanship warranty from Jobin Roofing and a 40-year manufacturer warranty on the newly applied shingle.

Give us a call to determine if a roof overlay is appropriate for your home.