Roof Overlays

Roof Overlay

When it comes to roof overlays, an honest and experienced contractor is a must. Adding a second layer to your roof may seem like a cost effective option, but this is not always the case. Depending on a variety of factors, we occasionally recommend re-roofing over flat three-tab shingles. However, if you overlay a multi-dimensional architectural shingle over an older architectural shingle there will be bubbling and textural distortion from the previous roof telegraphing through.

Other considerations include cleanup and removal of any moss, cutting back the rake and eave edges to a proper length to keep things looking smooth, as well as the use of proper flashing and a starter shingle on the eaves and rakes. Any questions? We’re happy to discuss these choices with you.

Typically an overlay is going to be a rare case scenario for most contractors. This option carries a 10-year workmanship warranty from Jobin Roofing and a 40-year manufacturer warranty on the newly applied shingle.

Give us a call to determine if a roof overlay is appropriate for your home.